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I've spent the last days sleeping so much. Oh my God. Now that my exams are over (yessss) and I finally get the chance to do all the interesting things I told to myself that I could be doing instead of studying, I just do nothing. Nothing is indeed awesome, don't get me wrong, but could I be lazier? Probably yes, but that's not the point.

So, I thought to myself: I should do something productive! Like learn things! Randomly learning things!

And by randomly learning things I mean watching discovery and national geographic channel and stuff like that . Now I know how to kill people using medieval torture devices! (except not really).
They showed this ancient 'washing machine' (but without the water) that KILLS. With spikes. And I tried to google it, but (gasp) Google FAILED. Oh why?? Why, Google? I trusted you. I now blame the Portuguese dub (which SUCKS) so it’s either the ‘Wheel of death' or the ‘Death Wheel’, it has something to do with Aragon, and it’s very deadly and wheely. Horrible, deadly wheel.

I also know about this awesome mammal-like reptile, the Gorgonopsia (or gorgon), who was AWESOME (double awesome!), and I was rooting for it to kick the Permian extinction in the ass. But it DIED. Poor gorgon.

I mean, come on, look at these pictures. What’s not to like? When they start bioengineering weird animals, I want one of these:

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Things I did today that I shall never probably do again because it be silly. Very very silly:

1. I will not attempt to be funny or sarcastic on essay exam questions. Especially not sarcastic.

1.1. Because I should have remembered that sarcasm is not obvious in writing form.
1.2. '"His theory was ignored at the time because counting peas clearly isn't important." just makes me look stupid.
1.3. "But the teacher will laugh and my grade will be arrested by the police because it's so high!" is just wishful thinking.

1.3. Saying the previous phrase to my friends is not funny either, because it doesn't work in Portuguese: "Just think about it in English! HAHAHAH...ha."

*I am silly, oh so silly!*
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I just found a diary that I kept when I was 10 years old. It starts average (‘Dear diary, I love tigers. I want to have one.’ and ‘Dear dairy, a boy said he likes me. I don’t like him.’). Normal kid stuff. But then, on 26-05-1999, THIS appears (and I don’t remember any of this, by the way):

‘Dear diary,
João said that he loves Tânia. But I‘m going to talk about something else. The problem is that he broke his arm, I mean, he was shot. He cried and there was blood. He’s okay now.”

I suppose it happened right in front of me (if I’m talking about blood) but he was shot/broke his arm? Simultaneously? What? Seriously? I think I would remember that. And I find amusing that I had to add that he loved Tânia. That's a nice dramatic touch.

Another wonderful piece of literature happens in 01-10-2000, where my younger self spent 3 pages writing that someone was, and I quote, "really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really (…) really stupid, boring and ssssssssstttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppiiiiddddd.”

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I just told my mother that she could 'sell lots of money' with something. I'm pretty sure that's the same as dividing by zero. Be prepared for the apocalypse.
At least I realize what my problem is now. I think at the speed of light (obviously) and my speech center is either drunk on hormones or controlled by a masochist alter-ego so it takes time to connect. Obviously.
But what defines me really well is something that a friend once told me: "You're the only person that I never know who you are."* or maybe what a teacher said to me in a moment of pure enlightenment: "Try to maintain a reasonable level of dignity, for God's sake".

* I don't get it either.

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Some things about me besides being afraid of sharp objects and having superpowers ;)

1. I'm majoring in biology, and I'm in the middle of exams right now. Actually, I have an exam in about 11 hours or so. Bioethics. Really interesting but some guys in there are kinda crazy (I'm looking at you, Descartes. Clearly, having too much free time to think was bad for you). Also, my notes on the last two lectures are actually in song mode. One is based on the 'Circle of Life' and it's the epic tale of non-epic arguments and it will never see the light of day again.

2. I watched the 'Knowing' and I spent the first 30 minutes or so staring at Nicholas Cage's hair just trying to understand the physics holding it together. True story.

3. I'm addicted to Google.

4. I have a cat, and she's currently doing weird things on my bed. I really don't want to look anymore.
But, hey, have a picture!

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And I'm off to study some more. Bioethics awaaay!
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I'm random. And I really like the fellowing picture:

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